The Tyrants are a mysterious guild of shapeshifters. They control most of the bordellos in Sharn, and the stories say that a great many prostitutes in the city are actually changelings working for the Tyrants—who can really know whether this is true or false? However, the Tyrants primarily deal in information—all aspects of information. They use their shapeshifting and telepathic abilities to acquire secrets that can be used for blackmail or sold to the highest bidder. They forge coins, identification papers, and works of art. Certain Tyrant pickpockets specialize in switching a target’s identification papers for a carefully prepared set of forged papers. They can steal a man’s identity to frame him for crimes or conversations he took no part in. Or they can help a fugitive erase his old life and assume a new identity, altering his appearance and even providing a supporting cast for his new existence. There is no question that they are both extremely useful and very dangerous to deal with.

The Tyrants have been operating in Sharn for over 300 years. While there were initial clashes between the two groups, the Boromar Clan ultimately agreed to a truce with the Tyrants; both operate in different arenas and do their best to avoid directly interfering with one another. Adventurers are most likely to seek out the Tyrants to obtain information. The Tyrants have spies hidden throughout the city, and even where they don’t have existing plants they excel and infiltration and the extraction of information. However, the Tyrants may also assist the enemies of the party. If the price is right, the Tyrants can provide body doubles—perhaps an enemy thought to be dead was simply a changeling duplicate. Or perhaps a hated foe returns with a new face, thanks to Tyrant face sculptors. The Tyrants are mysterious folk who may help or hinder the party for no reason at all; like the Traveler, the Tyrants are full of secrets and their gifts can be dangerous things.

Joining the Tyrants

The Tyrants only accept creatures with the shapechanger subtype, primarily changelings and doppelgangers. Applicants are assigned a challenge to prove their skill and cunning.

Membership Benefits: Information is the coin the Tyrants deal in. A Tyrant gains a +2 bonus on all Streetwise checks made in Sharn.

If a Tyrant expends a favor, you gain a piece of information; otherwise you receive a +4 bonus on a single Streetwise or Knowledge check. You may acquire forged documents at half the usual cost, and arrange for Tyrant transformations at a 20% discount. By calling in one or more favors, a Tyrant can get other members of the guild to help him create elaborate deceptions; the changelings do not risk their lives, but use their shapeshifting abilities and skill at subterfuge to assist their comrade. The number of favors required depends on the complexity of the scenario, the number of changelings required, and the risk involved.

In addition, the Tyrants have spies scattered throughout Sharn and have gathered blackmail evidence on many important people. By expending a favor, you may be able to gain a temporary political advantage over an enemy.


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