The Mockery


The Sovereign of Betrayal and Bloodshed The Mockery represents dishonorable combat and unjust war. Infamous among his worshippers are the members of the Flayed Hand and also includes other assassins, rogues and evil warriors. He is known in some circles as The Betrayer and was once a member of the triumvirate of combat deities his betrayal lead to his flaying and banishment from the Sovereign Host.

The brother of Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn the Mockery is portrayed as a ghastly human warrior with the skin stripped from his body, cloaked in the skins of his enemies, and sometimes as a half-fiend, red dragon.

Portfolio : Combat, dishonor, murder, terror, treachery.

Domains : Destruction, Domination, Evil, Illusion, Trickery, War.

Favored Weapon : Kama

The Mockery

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