The Boromar Clan is the most powerful criminal organization in Sharn. From a humble start as a gang of smugglers and thieves, the Boromars have risen to become one of the most influential forces in the city. The Boromars have a stranglehold on the smuggling trade and own the majority of the gambling halls in the city. Most of the fences and thieves in Sharn either work directly for the Boromars or pay tribute in exchange for independence. They control a vast network of extortion, blackmail, and graft that extends from the slums of Lower Dura to the heights of Skyway, with its headquarters in the halfling district of Little Plains (in Middle Menthis). But their influence reaches far beyond the criminal underworld. The early Boromar patriarchs invested wisely over the centuries, and today the Boromars are one of the Sixty families of Sharn. The Boromar Clan owns many of the warehouses in Precarious and Cogsedge. It owns taverns and inns throughout the city, and has a considerable interest in the shipping trade. A Boromar heir sits on the city council of Sharn, and the current patriarch is a member of the Gold Concord of the Aurum.

While the Sharn Watch is well aware of the criminal enterprises of the Boromar Clan, the Watch rarely interferes with Boromar activities. The Boromars have been bribing Watch captains for generations, and this is largely taken for granted. Those councilors and Watch captains that have chosen to fight the Boromars have always suffered swift and mysterious deaths, and the lesson has not gone unheeded. In addition, if the Boromar Clan collapsed, the underworld would erupt in anarchy as dozens of petty crime lords fought for territory and position. As much as many of the councilors would like to see the Boromar Clan destroyed, it simply hasn’t been an option—until now.

Over the past two years, the Droaamite organization known as Daask has been launching raids against Boromar holdings. These attacks have been becoming bolder and more frequent with each passing month, and the monsters are also beginning to muscle in on many activities traditionally controlled by the Boromars. The Boromar Clan is hampered by its size; Daask is a mobile organization using guerilla tactics, and the Boromars can’t afford sufficient security to cover all of their operations. The Boromars have many enemies on the city council who are happy to see them cut down to size, and these opponents have prevented the resources of the Sharn Watch from being deployed against Daask.

The Boromar Clan is a massive organization, and it will not fall overnight. But for centuries, it has been resting on its reputation of omnipotence—and this reputation is quickly being shattered. Even if Daask were destroyed tomorrow, the long-term damage would still haunt the Boromars for years to come. Saidan Boromar needs to find a way to counter Daask, and he needs to do it soon. A group of mercenary adventurers might prove far more effective than the soldiers Saidan usually hires for muscle work—but does the party really want to help the Boromar Clan?

Joining the Boromar Clan

To join the Boromar Clan, you must be sponsored by a current member in good standing. A member of the Boromar family interviews the character, probing to find out what he has to offer the Boromars and what risks he may pose. Halflings generally have an easy time joining the Boromars; other characters may have to serve a probationary period or perform a simple service on behalf of the Boromars to prove their talents.

Membership Benefits: The Boromar Clan has a great deal of political and economic power in Sharn. As a member of the Boromars, the character can get a 5% discount on any sort of goods or services he wishes to acquire, as long as he’s willing to use a vendor with ties to the Boromar Clan. Halfling members of the Boromars receive a 10% discount at Jorasco houses of healing.

The Boromar Clan has safe houses across the city, and a member can always find a safe place to sleep, even if it is a flophouse. Other advantages include the ability to fence goods at no cost, to take out loans at 10% interest/week, and to arrange burglaries for 15% of the standard cost. The character can expend a favor to have minor criminal charges dismissed; many members of the Sharn Watch are in the pay of the Boromar Clan, and are willing to overlook a minor offense. Finally, a favor can be used to request an audience with one of the city councilors with ties to the Boromars, although this does not carry any promise of assistance.

While membership in the Boromar Clan offers many advantages, the character earns the enmity of Daask, and the monsters will go out of their way to harm an up-and-coming Boromar agent.


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