Organized Crime

There are four major criminal organizations in Sharn:






Any one who wishes to actively pursue a criminal career in Sharn needs to forge an alliance with one of these organizations. The Boromar Clan allows thieves to operate independently in exchange for a weekly tribute of 10% of their earnings; each district has a Boromar observer who keeps an eye on the locals and manages collections. An independent thief who refuses to work with the Boromars must deal with Boromar bullies and muggers, Guilds and Organizations 150 which can make life very unpleasant—and possibly, very short.

On the other end, a character can become an active member of one of these organizations. Typically, dues are 15% of the character’s criminal earnings or 1 gp/week, whichever is higher. In exchange, the character gets access to the resources of the guild; these vary based on the group, and are outlined below. The character is also protected from other members of his guild—a Boromar thief won’t pick the pocket of another Boromar thief. On the other hand, once a character takes sides he also makes powerful enemies; a character who joins the Boromars makes an enemy of Daask, and vice versa.

Normally, a character is left to his own devices. However, a character who shows particular potential may be asked to perform special services on behalf of the guild. In exchange, he receives gold and the ability to call in favors from the guild.

Organized Crime

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