Daask, an aggressive criminal organization led by monstrous immigrants from Droaam, has been building its power in Khyber’s Gate (in the Upper Cogs) and Malleon’s Gate (in Lower Dura) for over ten years. But over the past two years, Daask has burst out of the Cogs and into the lower wards of the city. Daask has primarily been engaging in swift guerilla attacks against the operations of the Boromar Clan. However, Daask places great emphasis on physical violence, and armed robbery, muggings, assassination, and protection rackets are its stock in trade. The presence of these monsters is making Lower Dura a considerably more dangerous place to live, and adventurers who spend considerable time in the lower wards will probably encounter Daask forces.

While Daask uses violence and the threat of violence to expand its influence and fill its coffers, the organization is starting to diversify its interests. Daask has begun selling dreamlily and heartflow in the Lower Wards, and Daask is also the only source of the mysterious drug known as dragon’s blood. Daask also sells the services of its monstrous agents, both as assassins, bodyguards, and laborers.

In general, Daask is a fluid, mobile organization, and this has made it hard for the Boromars to fight. The majority of its members live in Khyber’s Gate, often shifting homes every few days. The group has established a base at the Temple of the Six, but this is a well-fortified position protected by significant forces, and Khyber’s Gate is too narrow to allow the Boromars to bring vast numbers of mercenaries to bear. Of course, a small group of capable adventurers might succeed where an army of Royal Guards would fail.

On the surface, Daask appears to be a simple criminal gang engaged in a battle for territory and power. The truth is somewhat more complicated. The ultimate leader of Daask is Sora Katra, one of the three hags who rule Droaam. Sora Katra has been establishing Daask cells across Khorvaire, building a monstrous power base in the shadows of the greatest cities of Khorvaire. But the motives of the hags are mysterious and subtle, and gold is the least of Sora Katra’s concerns. And then there is dragon’s blood, the true nature of which is another mystery. Is there some sinister side effect to this drug that has yet to be seen? Sora Teraza is said to see the future, and if her sister is acting on her advice, Daask may be playing a very elaborate game. On the surface, Daask appears to be a violent criminal organization working to increase its power. But occasionally it may inexplicably act to help the party, or take some other action that seems contrary to its criminal interests.

Joining Daask

While Daask includes many monstrous races, they may accept some from any background— although halflings rarely make the cut. Generally, an applicant is interviewed by Cavallah herself or one of the lieutenants described above. The character is assigned a task or test to prove her skills and dedication; these challenges can often be lethal. However, while it is dangerous to join, Daask does not require its members to pay any sort of dues; the organization receives its funding directly from Droaam. The only requirement is that members be willing to serve when Cavallah calls on them for assistance.

Membership Benefits: As a member of Daask, a character can always find free lodging in Khyber’s Gate, and is exempt from the aggressive behavior of other Daask members. He can acquire dragon’s blood without difficulty, and receives a 20% discount on all purchases made at the Wounded Dragon. The cost to have goods fenced is reduced to 10%. In addition, he can pay the priests of the Dark Six to perform divine spells of 1st to 3rd level.

As the Boromar Clan consolidates its defenses, the forces of the Boromars may target characters allied with Daask, attacking them physically or politically.


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