A Warforged who has begun to become one with nature, to save the world


Vine Warforged Warden 2

STR 18 Con 18 Dex 10 INT 12 WIS 12 CHA 8

AC 20 (Hide Armor) Fort 17 Ref 15 Will 15

Feats: Improved Warforged Resolve, Crushing Earthstrength

Alignment: Good


Vine was made by House Cannith for the war, protecting house materials as they were moved from place to place during the Last War. As a guard he tended to be referred to as ‘Guard’, and sometimes even used it for a name. But he didn’t mind – he liked being outside of the city, moving from area to area, seeing nature, a soft green wonder which he knew he wasn’t a part of, because they told him so.

That changed when the caravan picked up yet another wanderer, Geth Sykus, a half-orc Druid who was open about his abilities with nature. Vine spent a good amount of time hanging back and watching Geth at work, seeing him use his magic to help nature along. Finally Geth drew him into conversation, and started teaching him about the spiritual nature of the world.

Geth, it turned out, was from a small sect of Druids known as Gatekeepers, guardians of nature and the world who work together to prevent incursions from other planes, outsiders, and especially denizens of Xoriat, from corrupting the natural order. His abilities were helpful when a small band of demons attacked the caravan, but several of the other guards started saying he was bad luck and had drawn the demons to them, and so he left.

Vine took the man’s teachings to heart, meditating on nature and his place within it. As the war came to a shuddering heart after the Mournland, he discovered a connection between himself and the world around him, and took a new name for himself that reflects his new role to climb and wrap the world with his strength.


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