Merrix d'Cannith

Leader of the Sharn household and the southern branch of House Cannith.


Merrix d’Cannith leads the Sharn household and the southern branch of House Cannith. Merrix has little interest in reuniting the house; he doesn’t care for either of his younger cousins, and he intends to keep the southern house on the same paths of research and production that it was on before the destruction of Cyre. Merrix does have three interests: the warforged, Mournland and augmenting himself with various warforged like additions.

Merrix’s grandfather developed the first warforged, and Merrix has been secretly continuing this work, maintaining the creation forge in the depths of Sharn and trying to produce new and improved warforged designs. He is fascinated by stories of strange constructs and artifacts found in Xen’drik, and has speculated that his grandfather and the other artificers who created the first warforged may have been using secrets recovered from the lost continent. He is also concerned about the fate of the warforged in this new time of peace, and has been trying to help the living constructs adapt.

Merrix’s second area of interest is the Mournland, and he may hire adventurers to explore the blasted realm or to recover lost Cannith artifacts.

His third passion has become more of an obsession. In his search for perfection Merrix has begun to augment his own body with warforged and experimental additions. His human appearance continues to fade away with each new addition. He claims his work is still in the experimental phase, so convincing him to perform one these surgeries would be quite difficult, but not impossible.

Merrix d'Cannith

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