Oargev ir'Wynarn


Much of Cyre’s ruling family was destroyed on the Day of Mourning. The most powerful remaining member, and the defacto king in exile, is Oargev ir’Wynarn. He is based in the town of New Cyre, which Breland graciously provided for Cyran refugees.

Oargev is determined to see the Mournland recovered, its plains purified, its waters cleansed of taint. While he governs New Cyre, Oargev dreams of rebuilding Cyre the nation. If he can’t do this in the Mournland, he will carve a permanent nation from King Boranel’s fl ank. The Brelish king was the first to reach out to the Cyrans as their lands died, and Oargev hesitates to betray such kindness. To this end, Oargev sponsors expeditions into the Mournland and offers rich rewards for relics and natural specimens brought out of the mists. The young prince has become something of a naturalist, knowledgeable about all the native species of plants and animals, and an expert on the strange mutations found around the Great Chasm. Oargev is particularly eager to recover Cyran royal regalia.


Oargev ir'Wynarn

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